2012 Commerative Ornament Offered for Sale

Main Sreet Ronceverte annouces the release of their annual Christmas ornament with the 1928 Greenbrier High School building.  The ornament is the fourth in a series of historic landmarks in Ronceverte. Earlier ornaments included the C&O Depot, C&O coaling tower and Martin and Jones Hardware.

The Ronceverte High School was established in 1896 and combined with the Ronceverte Grade School, situated where the former Ronceverte Elementary School sits today. On January 24, 1917, a new building was constructed on Ronceverte Ave for the new Fort Spring District high school building, and the name was changed to Greenbrier High School. Since the high school was a district school, the name of the new school was Greenbrier instead of Ronceverte.

The building burned on January 31, 1938, when a fire started in the boys locker room. A bond issue of $99,000 was passed to secure funds for rebuilding. The classical revival-style school is a large two-story building constructed of yellow brick with a parapet roof. Its eaves are trimmed with a molded and dentil concrete cornice, while the facade is embellished with two slightly projecting entrance pavilions. The first-story windows are topped with blind arches with foliated carving produced on site by Italian stone carvers. The school served as the consolidation of the county’s high schools, and as a junior high school until 1992.

Constructed as Ronceverte’s lumber industry was waning, the school stands as a testimony to the town’s dedication to quality education. The historic high school was the first in a five-countyt area to be accredited and was known for its quality programs and educators. Although the building sits empty, it remains an important part of Ronceverte’s heritage.

“We are so very excited about having the Greenbrier High School honored in this way,” said Sue Ella Miano, member of the Main Street Ronceverte Organization Committee and graduate of the Class of 1947. “Greenbrier High School played an important part in the community and the quality teachers who taught there were without equal. The thousands of students who received their education in this building can provide testimony to the fine education provided.”

This year’s ornament was sponsored throught the generosity of Greenbrier Physicians Clinic.  Greenbrier Physicians Clinic was established in 1974 from doctors from the former Greenbrier Valley Hospital in Ronceverte, when the new Greenbrier Valley Medical Center was constructed.

“We are truly indebted to John Trout and the Greenbrier Physicians Clinic staff for their sponsorship with this year’s ornament,” continued Miano.

The Greenbrier High Schoold ornament is available for $15 at the Main Street Ronceverte office 307 Frankford Rd, Martin & Jones Hardware Store, the First National Bank and Greenbrier Cut Flowers. It may also be ordered by calling 304-647-3140 or email:


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