About RDC

Ronceverte Development Corporation
307 Frankford Rd.
Ronceverte, WV 24970
(304) 647- 3140

The Ronceverte Development Corporation, a non-profit 501c(6), continues its efforts to revitalize the City of Ronceverte, leaving as many of its historical and cultural landmarks and facilities as possible while improving the economic structure of our town and well being of all our residents.

To accomplish these goals, the Ronceverte Development Corporation applied for and became a member of the Main Street West Virginia program in Sept. 2005.

The Main Street Ronceverte program strives to achieve the objectives of revitalizing the downtown through a structured approach that promotes volunteerism, economic retructuring, promotion of festivals and events that highlight the downtown, and design to create a “look” that is attractive and appealing and meets the character of our community.

We have accomplished much in the past four years, but this effort takes financial support as well as volunteer commitment. The Main Street Ronceverte program is solely self-supporting through the generosity and commitment of the citizens of the town. For this reason we have created the “1882 Society”, a membership program geared to the support of Main Street Ronceverte.

What We are Doing

Clifford Community and Recreation Center

In 2006, the city of Ronceverte received the Clifford Armory through a donation from the Ellis estate. The building was given to the RDC through a long term lease and is not used for community sporting events and reunions.

Main Street Streetscape

Main Street Ronceverte is overseeing the design and construction of the Main Street Streetscape.

Downtown Concerts and Events

We have plans for downtown concerts and events to business and development.

L&R Rail Trail

We are promoting walking and biking in the community through the construction of the L&R Trail. Phase One is completed.

CSX Depot

We are working on the acquisition of the CSX Depot for commercial development.


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