The History of the 1882 Society

Settled in 1778, Ronceverte was known as St. Lawrence Ford until after the Civil War when the railroad was brought across the mountain from Covington, Va. in 1872. Eastern investors discovered the wealth of timber in Pocahontas and Greenbrier Counties. The investors came together to form the Ronceverte Development Corporation to build on these rich timber and rail assets. It was this group that led to the incorporation of a town. St. Lawrence Ford was renamed as Ronceverte in 1882.

The new Ronceverte Development Corporation, (RDC) was established in 2003 to oversee redevelopment of the town. The “Main Street” Program is under the direction of this corporation. The 1882 Society was formed in 2006 to solicit and encourage private donations of funds from local and loyal friends of Ronceverte to enable the RDC to operate and reach a successful completion of its goals to ensure a renewed and better community in which all of us may live and visit.

The 1882 Society is an ongoing program and we sincerely hope that our loyal Ronceverte Supporters will continue to contribute on an annual basis.


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